Stay Safe Cycling

We all share one terrible thing as cyclists – each and every one us knows somebody that has been involved in an accident on the roads. Our own editor, Robert,was hit by a car whilst cycling in Nice. Thankfully, he was able to walk away from the collision, but all too often cyclists don’t.

The roads are meant to be used by all of us; drivers, cyclists, and yes pedestrians. The one common theme with all of these road users is that each and every one of them is: a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, a brother or a sister – they all belong to families. We therefore need to be better at sharing that strip of tarmac, to do everything that we can to make sure that every one of the family members using the roads across the world, gets home safely.

Supporting Cycle Safety with …

A bike simply doesn’t afford us the protection of a car, and so there’s certain things that we all need to be aware of when cycling on the roads. Our  editor Larisa, is currently supporting the WLC Magazine campaign, to promote road safety. Over the next few weeks, and into the future, we want to support WLC in their aim of saving lives on the road, and we will be pushing their messages, their videos and their stories on here and on our social media profiles.

We also want to share other useful information with you, so we’ve added a great information booklet at the bottom of this page, all about cycling safely in towns and cities.

Our ‘Safe Cycling’ campaign is led by Larisa Chinces, Deputy Editor. You can follow this on her own instagram account too by clicking here.

Support Cycle Safety in 2019