GripGrab Race Thermo X Overshoes

The weather has been so awful this winter that the roads have been constantly filled with mud and debris fom the fields. When it came to reviewing these Grip Grab MTB/XC overshoes, we decided then to do something different – how would they stack up on these debris laden roads as a general pair, suitable for both mountain bike and road and saving you some money.


GripGrab Shark Gloves

Not everyone likes riding with gloves on year round, but since your hands are one of the first things you thrust out to arrest your fall in the event you come off your bike then its far better to trash a pair of gloves than the skin on your hands!

GripGrab Windster Gloves

I like to be warm. There’s nothing wrong with this, and these great winter gloves from Danish brand GripGrab do the job extremely well.

GripGrab Roadster Gloves

Danish brand GripGrab doesn’t make a bad glove, or anything else that’s not top quality to be frank. These Roadster summer gloves are a good example of what they do produce – great quality gear for the serious cyclist or for the club rider that simply wants to be sure that they gear will perform.

GripGrab Racing Glove

Made with the usual GripGrab attention to detail, they’ve gone a stage further this year, adding well thought out silicone gel inserts on the inside of the fingers, holding the glove firmly in place as you gain maximum control of the gears and brake levers, and all manner of other devices.

GripGrab Hurricane Gloves

There are some items of cycling gear that often get overlooked, but which are critical when looked at; gloves is one such item. A good pair will keep us warm, dry, protect us in falls, and allow us to use our smart devices whilst wearing them

GripGrab Aero TT Glove

We’ve spent the summer looking at several gloves from Danish brand GripGrab, and their Aero TT gloves are a real stand out item. There’s nothing fancy about GripGrab, they simply design items to do as required, and these gloves fit … well, like a glove.