Velobici Verne Bib Shorts

Having tried a handful of items from Velobici’s line of road cycling clothing, I was really looking forward to the Verne Jersey and Shorts becoming available. Velobici chose to release the line on St George’s day, the Patron Saint of England, which seems in keeping with the brand’s policy of manufacturing and sourcing their fabrics within the UK.

At a glance, a lot of cycling clothing can look very similar, but as with many things, it’s all in the detail. After using garments from a number of different brands, I have found that only a small number offer the fit, quality and design details that make their clothing perform really well. The Velobici Verne Jersey and Shorts are in the top tier of this category.

The Shorts

The Verne shorts are a bib design formed in Velobici’s VB/Pro VR1 fabric, using flat lock seams. The fabric is very soft to the touch, and the pad is superb. This combination makes these shorts incredibly comfortable. The fabric used has the same blend of properties which are present within the jersey. The stretch and moisture transfer qualities of the fabric really contribute to the consistent comfort the shorts provide throughout a ride. This is really noticeable during warm summer days.

The pad is formed using a foam carving technology. This process is used to remove unnecessary material, and ensures comfort where foam density changes. The shorts also have some stylish features, with “Verne” embroidered within the rear panel and “VB” logo on the leg. When worn as a set, the jersey and shorts combined look very stylish indeed!

The quality of finish and ease of care is consistent with the jersey.
I have worn the Verne shorts for a number of long days on the bike both in the UK, and during the recent trip to France. The comfort of the shorts has been tested whilst climbing the steep gradients of the Lake District, to riding in excess of 120 miles of rolling countryside, as well as in the high mountains.

I am respectful that the fit and comfort of shorts is very much a matter of individual and personal preference, but I have found Velobici’s Verne shorts extremely comfortable and well made. The only instances of me choosing to wear an alternative, would be when more extreme temperatures make either lightweight or thermal shorts a more appropriate option.

From conversation with the guys at Velobici, they receive very consistent, positive feedback about the comfort of the shorts within their range. I will certainly be buying more of their shorts in both the standard and thermal fabrics, in the future.