Vittoria Martello MTB Enduro Tyre

We were really pleased when the guys from Vittoria offered us this tyre to test out. We passed it on to our wild and wacky social media guru, Phil Walton, who duly took it over to Spain and and then around the trails at Gisburn Forest. He even put on new cycling underpants, just in case he got really excited about things!

The tyre is a wide and rugged 2.5 on a 27.5, tubeless ready that can be used with the old fashioned tubes, which is the way we rode things. Just to keep it real, we popped it onto a hardtail, allowing it to dance about a bit when the going got tough.

Released in 2016 for the DH and Enduro market, it has APF ( anti-pinch-flat), which is located above the bead, adding protection to the rim and tyre on lmpacts. And if you ride it properly, there’s going to be a few impacts guys!

Like all of their new ranges, these bad boys have G+ graphene to enhance the wear and improve the rugged handling and resistance on tough trails; and it certainly worked on both the dry and dusty tracks in Spain and on the damper rocky tracks at Gisburn. Riding over the rooty tracks in the forest, and hitting the rocks, I could definitely feel the added grip and security that the tyre provided. The tread pattern is so well thought out, with large chunks intelligently spaced and placed, to dig in when and where required, and the tyre has that element of flex that just helps out nicely.

This is a tyre that works well in all conditions; dry and dusty, damp and slippy, and full on mud-fests. I certainly had some of the latter when riding recently! However, the deep tread simply ripped through the quagmire, with the big square nobbly bits digging in. All I had to do was to try and find the power to keep the wheel turning! On gravel it rolled perfectly, with no undue drag, and on the stones, it flexed and moulded onto things just enough to keep me upright.

This is a big tyre for big conditions. It’s aggressive looking and would suit all riders who want to try some testing trail action.It’s especially suited to those more experienced downhill and enduro riders, who need that bit extra with grip in wet and rooty conditions. Definitely a full on five stars for this badass tyre from Italy.

WE’ve tested this tyre across summer, autumn and winter and spring, and it simply keeps performing. It’s a tyre that won’t let you down, and when riding Enbduro that’s important.