Vittoria Pro Endurance Road Tyre

Different riders require different thing from their tyres; one thing that remains constant though is this – endurance. Cyclists all want their tyres to last.

If you’re producing a range of tyres then, you need something in the arsenal that wears this badge and is a tough cookie, and Vittoria have covered this well with their new G+ Rubino Pro Endurance. Yes it’s a weightier tyre, but it’s not designed for the speed freaks. If you’re a Strava KOM junky, then have a double Expresso and buy the Corsa – another great tyre from Vittoria.

The Rubino Pro Endurance on the other hand has been thought out for those times when maximum grip is required and a good deal of puncture resistance. In these areas the tyres that we tested excelled. It’s a reassuring Latte of a coffee – with a nice swirly pattern on top!

When it rains in the Dales, it really rains, with loose gravel and field debris washed onto the edges of roads. However, the Rubino Endurance stuck to its task and to the road, ensuring that rider and bike returned home safely. In terms of puncture resistance, we sought other some lanes lined with trees and hedgerows, and some farmers in possession of some serious hedge trimming tractors! In a cyclist machismo do and dare approach, we confidently rode over these debris laden lanes. All was good I’m pleased to say; whereas in other brand tests at times, these test areas have led to several tube changes!

We even took it out on cold and frosty mornings, when some tyres just don’t perform. After all Vittoria had told us that cold didn’t matter – and they were right. Despite some under-garment clinching weather and icy breezes, the rubber compounds did their job and stayed nice and rubbery – very rubbery indeed. Working on the basis that it gets cold through most of the year in the Dales, the Rubino Endurance is a good Dales tyre choice.

Made from 3 compounds and with a graphene base, Vittoria are quite rightly shouting out loud about this new range. Being 200 times tougher than steel and the hardest substance known to man, a little bit of graphene in your tyre does you good. The Endurance also has a well thought out water shedding tread pattern across the centre and side walls, producing awesome grip in the corners.

We’re a few months into the test, having gone through the cold and the wet, but as it stands the longevity also seems to be okay. We’ll keep you posted if that changes. If you’re the type of rider who wants a safe and secure ride over speed and rolling resistance, or a concerned parent of a younger rider, then the Vittoria G+ Rubino Pro Endurance won’t disappoint.

We really can’t fault it against its intended use and our tests – 5 stars Vittoria, you clever people.