Vittoria Rubino Pro Control

Translate ‘Rubino’ from Italian and it comes out as ‘bright red gemstone. The Italian tyre gurus at Vittoria obviously hold their new graphene road tyre in high regard – and, it does indeed perform extremely well, like a little gem!

The roads around this part of the Yorkshire Dales can be tight and twisty, with patches of loose gravel on the edges and corners. The descents are steep and fast, requiring full concentration, so knowing that you’ve got the tyre on your side helps. This is especially so during the time of year when the farmers add to the complexities by cutting back the hedgerows, leaving thorns and other tyre piercing debris along the lanes. Ideal conditions for testing tyres I’d say!

All round performance is key for most riders, and this tyre fits the bill perfectly. The graphene technology adds that extra strength, whilst the three compound constructions add to the grip where necessary and the overall durability. Further protection comes in the shape of the PRB 2.0 breaker, meaning that punctures, durability and grip are top of the list.

Rolling resistance has been a key component of the design, with a technical tread pattern that builds a series of deep but tiny twisting knobs from the top edge of the side walls around towards the centre band, keeping a thin treadless line across the central circumference to aid rolling resistance on the flat and feisty sections. Vittoria say that the new pattern and compound reduces rolling resistance by 16% and, having tested the tyre for some time now, uphill and down dale, it does ride well and rolls with ease.

Is it fast? Yes it is. Is it grippy, holding the corner and the line? Yes it is and it does – in fine and in wet and rainy conditions it’s just the job. I really am impressed with the tyre, easily noticing the difference from what went before on my wheels. So much so that it’ll be a shame to move on to the next tyre test. The added confidence sweeping through the corners is great, coupled with the rolling resistance on the favourable side make this the ideal all round tyre for road cyclists. It’s a speedy and safe addition for everyone – the tyre equivalent to a VW Golf: reliable, safe and quick!

We tested the folding clincher Pro Control and it goes on and off with relative ease, clinging to the rim and holding firm. It’s a light tyre at 235 grammes and also won’t break the bank.

This is a tyre that will do what you require, day in and day out, all summer long. And for most cyclists, that general performance at the right price is important. No, it’s not the fastest tyre, but will will keep you stuck to the road and ride you along smoothly, which is useful for all of us. Well done Vittoria. It has to be a full 5 stars for this one.