Biehler Farbwechsel Thermal and Rainproof Jersey for Men & Ladies

The classic Biehler cycling jersey, the Ambition design is the VW Golf of all cycling jerseys, for men and for women.

This jersey is the cycling equivalent of the sand coloured chinos or little black dress – that item you all need to own.

In any season, if it’s cold out, you just need to keep it simple. The jersey has to fit well and keep you warm. This jersey from German brand Biehler does just that. I suppose it’s in the reliable VW Golf category, doing as intended, performing well and looking good too. Okay, so you may well be reading this in summer, but…the cold days are always just around the corner, so be prepared and make sure that you’ve got something god and warm in your cycling wardrobe.

This is a no frills garment, with a simple design that will keep you comfortable on the colder rides. It’s a race-cut close fit, with a good quality microfleece on the inside. The material is strong and stretchy and is reasonably windproof too, having been tested here in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s also not too heavy, as some winter jerseys can be, making you too hot on milder winter days. Biehler are all about layering correctly, and their gilets and jackets fit nicely over this if the temperature gets too cold.

The pockets are deep and sewn to be tight and not saggy, but I would add a zipped pocket if I could. It’s a small point, but would just make this jersey perfect. Simple cuffs, a high collar and a hidden zipper finish things off nicely, and holding things in place at the waist is a elasticated gel band all the way around.

The design is base black with Biehler blue and red bands across the chest, meaning that the jersey goes well across their range of shorts and tights. If you’re after the VW Golf of winter jerseys, then this is it. Ridden in the high hills of the Dales and on long flat speed rides, it’s equally at home and could easily become a favourite.