Biehler Sauschnell Pro Team Bib Shorts

Biehler developed these awesome shorts from their experience with the UCI pro teams and it shows. At all times of the year, worn alone in spring or summer, or with warmers in autumn or winter, they’re just an all-around great item of cycling kit.

They’re great shorts that go with most of the current Biehler range, and come in for both men and ladies.

These bibs are a great example of the trickle down advancements, and are super comfortable on both long and short rides. Due to the underestimated styling too, these shorts go with lots of the jerseys in the new range, meaning that you won’t have to fork out lots of money for different colour shorts. Time to take a look at the technical bits then…

The multiple panel race cut is made in the main from their high tech Schoeller fabric, which is extremely strong and stretchy, and in use has superb compression. It fits tightly and makes you feel like a true pro racer, with the sleek black design being finished of with subtle red and blue trim on the legs. The extra wide terraband on the legs means that they stay firmly in place and add to the overall compression effect of the shorts. The technical material chosen by Biehler also provides UV protection of 30+, which whilst not often used in the Dales, will be in sunnier places!

In terms of the uppers, Biehler have opted for a tough and highly breathable black mesh, which stretches nicely and whilst strongly elasticated, it doesn’t pull into the shoulders. How does it all perform then? It’s truly excellent and can’t be faulted.

The mesh allows for excellent air circulation, as does the lighter weave of 4 way stretch fabric used elsewhere. It’s simply a well thought out pair of bib shorts.

I’ve worn these shorts in wind and rain and they dry out nicely, staying firmly in place without rubbing. I’ve also worn them on warmer days where I haven’t overheated either, and the finely woven mesh back, does its job of allowing me to breathe and wick away moisture very well indeed.

Now for the pad though – that most critical element. Biehler never scrimp on the pad, and these are no exception. It’s a multi-density pad for longer rides as expected, but it’s really slim, meaning that it merges nicely into the short and won’t make your bum look big! Eating too much will, but don’t blame Biehler for that! All stitching is of course flat-locked and the shorts wash well and should last a long time.

As I said, I’ve also been wearing them on colder rides with some thin running leggings underneath, just to keep the wind off the legs, and the bibs still perform superbly, helping to hold the leggings in place.

On spring time sunny rides in the Dales, they’ve been totally awesome and are a bib of choice for me these days, with the superb compression, fit and all day long comfort. This is definitely a buy that you won’t regret, from this stylish German brand.