Flower Tattoo Triathlon Suit

Triathlon requires specific kit, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Designed for Cycling have produced this amazingly stylish Tri Suit just for the ladies. Train for triathlon in style with DS Pro, designed by certified triathlon coach Nadezhda.

One piece triathlon pro suit “Flower Tattoo”

From Delicate to Rebellious

Magnificent and elegant, eye-catching tri-suit in classic black and white colors with stunning flowers outlines on the front, back and leg parts.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable races with this sleeveless one-piece triathlon suit. The top layer is made of Grid Lycra to provide that soft and breathable feeling while doing away with moisture due to its moisture-wicking property. Meanwhile, the bottom layer is made of nylon dull polished Lycra which is stretchable, compact, and has the ability to embrace your muscle well.

Due to the suit’s slim fit, it offers zero restriction to movement. This allows you to actively perform during your race without having to worry about any limitations in your suit. It has anti-shock padding chamois which is made of moisture-wicking and highly breathable microfiber to offer extra protection from shocks and added overall comfort. It also comes with a soft elastic power band with anti-skidding properties to prevent skidding while you’re on the go.

All in all, this one-piece triathlon suit is highly comfortable, breathable, and durable thanks to its excellent Lycra material. The Designed for Cycling ‘Flower Tattoo’ race suit is ideal for any distance you may be racing.

Apart from that, it’s also a really trendy triathlon suit to have. It will certainly look amazing on you, and its floral print is a nice addition to its design.

Getting the right kit, the right fitting and something that makes you feel good is a battle. The better you look, the better the feel and the better you perform; especially when the kit is designed for tri, with performance sewn into every thread. Triathlon is a tough sport and you need to be well looked after in every aspect. That’s where good kit can make a difference and how you’ll also stand out from the crowd – so get yourself some flower power … Flower Tattoo style!