Triathlon One Piece Suit

DS Pro make stylish performance sportswear for ladies who like to be chic and stylish when active. Their latest range includes this colorful one piece triathlon suit for spring and summer. Triathletes are noted for their tough nature and mental strenth; now they can been noted for their style too 🙂

Nadezhda Pavlova Triathlon Suit

Swim, cycle, and run in style with this gorgeous and eye-catching one-piece triathlon suit. Made exclusively for women, this striking suit incorporates colorful shades of blue, green, and pink that complements each other; plus, the floral print gives it an extra taste of attraction. A lining of blue and pink at the edges of the suit showcases the brand of the suit and also the word “girl power” to inspire female empowerment.

The overall fabric of the piece is made of smooth and absorbent cloth that gives a breathable feeling even during a hot and sweaty race and the quick-drying feature of this triathlon suit keeps moisture away. When you’re working hard, during training or in a race, you’ve earned the right to look good, and this chic and stylish triathlon one piece suit does just that.

The overall suit is stretchable and a slim fit that flaunts your curves in a modest way, while making you do your deed in the most comfortable way. Plus, it has great sculpted support that allows you to move flawlessly and perform competently. The almost invisible zipper is strategically located in the front part of the suit in order for you to easily take off the garment.

All in all, this stunning one-piece triathlon suit is a must-consider piece if you want to go in style without compromising on quality and performance. Look good and feel good with this trendy piece of wear that is meticulously designed for triathlon. Who says you can’t be fashionably chic when you are a triathlete?