GripGrab Aqua Repel Arm & Leg Warmers

What item of cycling kit should all riders own? Tricky isn’t it; especially as you’d either ride very uncomfortably or ride naked if you didn’t own good shorts. However, leaving out the obvious, I reckon it’s warmers, because wherever you live in the world, at some point it’s going to be a bit chilly for you, and good warmers will allow you to wear your favourite bibs and short sleeved jersey through the colder periods.

As a cyclist I struggle with warmers, as my legs are a bit skinny – even from a cyclist perspective. It comes from my genes and a background as a distance runner. There is some definition to my thighs, but I still struggle to get warmers to not slip down. I’m 5 foot 11 inches in height, so not vertically challenged, and have a decent leg length to of 32 inches inside leg – not to much information I hope. In general then I’m Mr Average, but with slim legs; so these warmers from Danish brand GripGrab have been a good send, staying tight to my legs (medium sized) and in place all day, even on some long and tough rides out. Likewise, the arm warmers fit tight and stay put on my skinny upper arms.

GripGrab are renowned for quality, and the material used here is designed to keep you both warm and dry. The water repellent coating used is environmentally friendly, and uses non PFC products to achieve the repellence. The lycra itself is also top quality 4 way stretch, extremely tough, which ensures that the fit is seamless and tight. I’m actually mega impressed and how things these are for the warmth provided, which I’m sure is down to the tightness of the weave.

Wearing them in the Yorkshire Dales throughout autumn and winter, they’ve been superb, and I’ve watched the rain drops sitting as beads on the cloth before falling away. Length wise they fit above the lower ankle and reach well up into that necessary region beneath the bibs, with the excellent silicon grippers holding them in place. There’s no sag, even on my skinny spindles.

As I said at the beginning then, warmers are an essential item, unless you ride nude, or prefer a rough ride on the butt! These aqua repels from GripGrab should be on all cyclists shopping lists. If they work on my skinny limbs, they’ll fit superbly on you guys.