GripGrab Classic Arm & Leg Warmers

It all boils down to this: normally at this time of the year, we’re all neatly wrapped in winter bib tights and jersey. Simple. Here’s the however though…
Winter has been very different this year; not as cold, but twice as wet. Even the trees and plants are confused with it all. Instead of winter tights, our greatest friend has been courage – the courage to simply get out and get damp.

Waterproofs have been the number one item, and for me they’ve been closely followed by those type of accessories that you’d use in early spring – arm and leg warmers. ‘What’ I hear you say! Yes, the temperatures have been such that I can wear my favourite bib shorts and jersey, neatly accessorised with good arm and leg warmers – and that my friends is where GripGrab come in.

GripGrab ooze quality. They really do. Here at pedalnorth we look for this when seeking out gear that our readers may like, and with GripGrab we think that they’ve nailed it. The company say that their warmers are made for ‘days when the weather shows its unpredictable side’ and they’re right.

Made from a high quality insulated and breathable brushed fleece, they keep the warmth in and the wind out. The warmth is immediately obvious, with a lovely soft fleecy feeling on the inside, whilst the tightly knit material stretches superbly and keeps the wind at bay – even a Dales blower. The arm and leg warmers are made of articulated panels, meaning that they fit without that horrible wrinkly feel and look that get with some. They’re also really quite long, meaning that they fit neatly under the edges of other garments with a great seal provided by the silicon elastic on the top edges and stretchy elastic material qualities at the wrist and ankle end.

My own pet hate, poor stitching is non-existent, with top quality flat locked stitching throughout on all seams, neatly done to add a little something to the overall design of the hi-vis one’s that I tested. The actual hi-vis properties are fantastic, tested initially by me with torches in a darkened room at home; we testers have our own methods! They positively light up and have been a real bonus on dark and twisting lanes this winter. I’ll go further by saying that these GripGrab warmers are a genuine safety item for all cyclists, and will give you a marginal gain, being seen early by other road users. Go on, glow and be proud … and be safe!

Getting back to things then, the stretchy material seems to provide excellent compression qualities, helping to keep the muscles working well. Sizing is good, with a medium size fitting me very well indeed (height 5’10”, slim-ish). In light showers they kept the rain off, and even in a decent downpour where I was soaked, I remained totally warm and not too damp underneath, despite the ferocious nature of the storms. The garments are neatly branded in a subtle way, with silver reflective providing a nice touch.

Overall, both the arm and leg warmers are a real winner, and we’d be more than happy to say that this is ‘kit we like’. A full five stars for this Danish brand brand. Time then for you guys to get some yourself.