Head Hands and Feet

Kit For Heads, Hands & Feet

The most important areas of your kit choices are the head, hands and feet. Often secondary to cyclists, it’s critical to get these items right.

Working across the cycle industry, we’ve lined up a small selection of the best items for you, from Kask and Met helmets in Italy, to Lake Shoes, and GripGrab gloves and accessories. These are in our mind the leading items to put in your own cycle wardrobe.

Style and performance doesn’tstopat jerseys and shorts. It has to cover you from head to toe, and that’s why Larisa and the team want to show you the helmets, gloves, socks and shoes that finish off their cycling wardrobes.

Taking our time to research brands, we only show you the kit that we’d happily use for ourselves, and which gives the best performance – and style 😉 Just ask Larisa!