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  • ALÉ Bullet DWR Jersey

ALÉ Bullet DWR Long Sleeve Jersey

by Robert Thorpe

If you’re looking for the ideal winter jersey, that also comes in useful in late autumn and early spring, then this is definitely the jersey for you. In a short space of time, it’s become one of the jerseys that I instinctively go for as a favourite.

The body mapping is super comfortable, form fitting and yet allows ease of movement. It truly does feel like like a second skin. Then, then water repellency Is also good enough for the average conditions and still allows a good level of breathability – oh, it’s it so damn stylish too! ALÉ have surpassed themselves with the Bullet DWR Jersey. It seems to have everything in abundance. The panels are well thought out, well cut and superbly finished, meaning that the jersey is figure hugging and flattering without being restrictive. The design is modern, subtle and sleek, and it simply looks and feels great when riding.

The jersey is specifically designed by ALÉ for intense training and riding, and is by all accounts a favourite of many pro teams for its great fitting and warmth. I can fully understand why. The water repellent treatment all over the garment fully preserves the breathability, whilst doing its job in preventing humidity and filth from penetrating the fibres. You simply feel snug, warm and comfortable throughout the ride – I can’t think of a better compliment. I got so carried away and lost in myself on the last review ride, that I descended a hill and rode into a swamp of wet road leaves, falling off at 45 kph. My only concern was the jersey, which I truly do love more than injury! Thankfully, the quality of the material is such that it stood up well to my wet leaf sliding!

Time to look at how they’ve put this great garment together then. ALÉ have used their ‘THERMO GARZATO DWR’ material. The nylon microfibre material ensures quick moisture-wicking to the outside, keeping you comfortable on the inside. Thanks to high breathability, the material keeps you warm and dry, and it feels pleasantly soft on the skin. As I say, I been wearing this with just the ALÉ Carbon baselayer and it’s a superb combination.

The high collar is thick but soft and keeps out the wind and cold and yet doesn’t feel restrictive. At the other end, the wide band of elasticated edging at the front hem is strong and built well into the overall sporty design,and aided by silicon around the sides and the back, stopping any unwanted movement and making sure of a superb form fitting jersey.

The sides have darker panels, matching the collar and trim, and the cuffs are wide, strong and very elasticated, keeping the slim cut arms looking neat and stylish. Whilst it is a figure hugging design by ALÉ, the quality of the material is such that movement is easy and unrestricted. Three good pockets at the back store your goodies, and there’s some nice reflective logos to finish it off. Personally, I would have added a small zip pocket for coins, but it’s a small point and overall this is a jersey that’ll keep you warm down to zero degrees or below and work well up to 10 degrees. What does that mean in reality – it means that the ALÉ Bullet DWR is a great jersey for many months of the year.

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