ALÉ Thermo Cycling Vest

Sitting nicely within the ALÉ Clima Protection 2 range of garments, when this simple but stylish thermal vest arrived for testing I was a little hesitant. I’m not usually a vest or gillet wearer, but it did make me think that for this reason I was probably just the right person to provide an independent review. It certainly looked like a good quality garment; but as with all cycle clothing, performance is the key.

Alé have excelled themselves with their latest winter range, producing kit of the highest quality and with a simple style that looks superb. There’s a high degree of technicity across the range and a flow to the various garments, which are able to be worn together or in isolation; adaptability is the key and as cycling gear can come at high financial price on occasions, adaptability is crucial. Thankfully Alé have priced this thermal vest just right, meaning that it’s affordable as well as adaptable.

It sits nicely alongside their Colour Block jersey, but is just at home on a warmer day with the long sleeved S1 Carbon baselayer as it’s partner. It’s made from the same SuperRoubaix fabric as the Colour Block jersey, but with a neat addition of more technical aero fabric under the arms and to the sides, which helps with breathability and fit. In effect, this lighter weight material ensures that when you’re wearing this as a third layer, you don’t feel too bulky. It isn’t waterproof, but Alé cater for this elsewhere in the range.

It’s a race fit cut, with 3 excellent pockets to the rear, as you’ll not be able to access the jersey. The pockets truly are worthy of mention, being cut with a hemmed and elasticated edging to ensure that items stay inside, but using a very strong elasticated fabric that really does hold items firmly in place. There’s no saggy pockets here, which we all know can be a nuisance. Our only recommendation back to Alé would be an additional small zipped pocket for keys and coins.

The hem is narrow elasticated with a silicone padding, and really does hold you in tightly. This is Italian sizing, so you’ll need to ensure that vanity doesn’t get the better of good judgement ?? The full length zipper is strong and stops with a round neck finish, meaning that you don’t feel too wrapped up. It’s a simple cycling vest, intended to give you added warmth and a some style at the same time. Using it for this purpose in the Dales and Moors over winter, it’s done just that, without being restrictive. I particularly like how well it performed when worn with just the long sleeved S1 Carbon long sleeved baselayer. The neatly cut and tightly trimmed arm holes around the shoulders are spot on for tying things together.

Autumn, winter and early spring can be a tricky time for knowing what to wear. Alé clearly understand this and have produced a super stylish accessory garment just for this purpose.