Busteni Forests and Hills

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Busteni Mountain Bike Route

Forests & Hills

Transylvania has been rightly described as ‘Europe’s last great wilderness. The area of the Carpathian Mountains holds some of the most spectacular trails in Europe, if not the world. This route takes you on an adventure into these vast forests, with epic riding all day long.

Route Information

Stats: 34km and 1659 metres climbing (Hard Route)

Refreshments & Where to Stay: Busteni is a good mountain resort for facilities, and nearby Brasov is excellent for all of your needs, and you can book a great place to stay and enjoy the superb trails nearby. It’s a tough mountain route, so please take sufficient drink and snacks with you, although villages on the edges will have options, they are limited.


This area is wild and beautiful, with natural rugged forest single track trails in the forests around Fetifoiu ridge, steep and tough climbs and awesome descents. It’s a real lung busting ride, but with the type of trails that will leave you smiling, with the long singletrack descent to Busteni.


1. This is a route into mountain forests, so you really do need to follow the gps file to stay safe. There are some technical sections and you need stay on course.

2. Setting off from Busteni, climb the single track through the trees for 3.5km, where it then steepens  until the 6km high point.

3. Descent to the 13km point, where a track junction  is met, turning left onto the track (Strada Glaiariei) and then following this as it climbs steeply. At 14.1km take the left hand fork and contiue on this obvious trail to the 16km point.

4. At 16km turn onto this narrow track in the trees on the left and continue to climb, coming out of the trees at 17.7km and seeing farm buildings.  Pass through the open area, back into trees and continue to climb to 20km, where the track finally descends and twists downhill, crossing an earlier track at the 23km point, before turning left at the 23.7km point into the narrow track.

5. This climbs through trees to 26.5km, opening out from the trees, where you turn right and climb for a further 1km before finally descending again on the tough tracks in the forests, then finding the flow down back to Busteni.

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In Partnership with Triada MTB

Find your next adventure, with the ‘Trilogy of the Trails’

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