Sibiu and its Parks

 This is a superb evening or morning ride around the outskirts of this historic city, taking in the beautiful city park.

Cycling in Romania is a delight. There is so much history around you and the beautiful landscapes. Sibiu is at the heart of cycling in Transylvania and Romania, sitting beneath the Carpathian Mountains, it has some of the best road cycling and best mountain biking in Romania and indeed in Europe.

Sibiu Road Cycling

Distance and ascent: 37km and 416 metres of climbing


  1. Start from the centre of town and ride to Aleea Calaretilor and through towards the Zoological Gardens and park.
  2. Ride along before joining the road at the 106A, then turn right and ride to Poplaca, before heading back towards Sibiu and again into the park.
  3. Repeat part of the circuit, before turning off the road on the 106D towards Cisnadioara.
  4. Ride through Piata Noua and back to Sibiu via Sevis.
  5. Now head back to historic Sibiu and enjoy the evening 🙂

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