ALÉ Dot SS Performance Jersey

Every now and then we want to feel like a racer. It’s instinctive, remember when you were a child, speeding along with the wind in your face, riding the race and leading the peloton … then turn for home and be brought back to reality.

Italian clothing company ALÉ understand this and produce kit that allows us to keep dreaming. The design, the cut, the material and technicity all combine to bring a sense of achievement to us. We like to look and feel like a racer and the ALÉ Dot cycling jersey, combined with their Speed Fondo shorts totally embrace and encompass this. Never blame Italian sizing or cut for the fit; blame it on your poor diet and failure to refuse cake, because this kit from ALÉ typifies great styling and fits like its part of you. What shape and size you are is a personal choice – just saying. Seriously though, it’s like wearing a super hero suit that you can dream big in and which performs at the highest level.

ALÉ cycle clothing

Yes, make no mistake this is a performance kit, ergonomically race cut to fit perfectly and creating a sleek second skin feeling, maximising aerodynamics and comfort. ALÉ have worked closely with their pro teams to body map and utilise materials in the right areas.

They’ve used their MICROAERO fabric at the front for its super-lightness and elasticity (110g/m², UPF 50+). It adjusts perfectly to your form like a second skin and has superb wicking and ventilation, meaning that it also drying quickly when the weather requires or causes it to be necessary. Riding in North Yorkshire this has been tested and it performs as expected for a high end garment, proving to be super comfortable in all conditions, whether hot when you need the ventilation or damp when you need it to dry quickly.

ALÉ cycle clothing
ALÉ cycle clothing

For the back panel ALÉ have used their RAP DRY CARBON fabric with carbon fibers, next to its natural antibacterial properties, which they say promotes physical well-being by dissipating electrostatic charges and protecting the body from electrosmog and UV rays. All we know is that it fits and feels great and sucks away the perspiration, and also keeps the sun at bay. We often find clothing brands then neglect the sleeves and side bands, but not so with ALÉ. They recognise the specific technical needs, and have used 4 way stretch BIKE MESH which, thanks to its structure in polyester fiber in micro-section, improves breathability to leave the body fresh and dry, whilst adding to the superb close fit of the overall garment.

The easiest way to see exactly what ALÉ have done is to hold the panels up to the light, where you’ll then see the light thin mesh and be able to understand its performance purpose and design.

ALÉ cycle clothing

The elasticated arm band grippers are wide, soft and dimpled so that they don’t rub or cause discomfort, once again fitting to the skin perfectly whilst allowing the necessary movement. This is matched by the equally well designed waist grippers, made strong and wide and finished with a silicon band at the back. There’s three good pockets to stow away necessities and a crucial zipped pocket for keys and coins. The front zipper is strong and tough and hidden away to keep the wind at bay, with a cloth guard at the top to add further protection.

How does it all perform – extremely well indeed. ALÉ have placed this jersey at the keen rider who wants the best kit. It performs in the toughest of conditions and has the best of materials used in the panels, each with a specific purpose. It fits perfectly to the body, meaning that the rest is up to you. Design wise it’s stylish, modern and subtle, with the base charcoal/ black graduating in dots into the main colours: you can choose from blue, yellow, orange and white.

We really like this jersey and it’s performance. We’ve used it in all conditions, on short and long rides and in the rollers. It ventilates and wicks well, dries as stated and stays comfortable too. It’s a jersey you’ll be proud to wear and that’ll make you feel like a racer again and we all like to dream … don’t we 😉