Magura & Carpathians Mountain Bike Route

Route Information

Stats: 36km and 1795 metres climbing (Hard Route)

Refreshments & Where to Stay: Magura is a good mountain resort for facilities, and nearby Brasov is excellent for all of your needs, and you can book a great place to stay and enjoy the superb trails nearby. It’s a tough mountain route, so please take sufficient drink and snacks with you, although villages on the edges will have options, they are limited.

The adventurous can also book at stay in the mountains at Cabana Curmătura, which is along the start of this route.


This area is wild and beautiful, with natural rugged forest single track trails in the forests. The initial climb is extremely steep and there may be some bike hiking on the tough climbs. However, the awesome descents are truly rewarding.


1. This is a route into mountain forests, so you really do need to follow the gps file to stay safe. There are some technical sections and you need stay on course.

2. Setting off from Magura, a narrow trail between houses sweeps down to the gravel road and on for 1.9km, to where cars park at the trail head area. This is also a useful place to park and start from if not staying in Magura. However, starting the ride from Magura allows you to warm up before the steep climbing begins.

3. From the car parking area, follow the signs into the trees and uphill. The trail crosses a meadow at 3.8km and heads into tree cover once more, before reaching the high point at the Curmatura hut  at the 6.3km point. You can get food and refreshments at the hut and even book accommodation if you’re adventurous.

4. Continue past the hut and descend for 3km to Valea Cheli where climbing begins again. At the 11km point a junction of tracks is met – ride along the right hand track, Valea Prapasiilor, crossing open mounatin meadows after 1.5km.

5. The trail rolls and climbs to a high point at 19.6km shown as Saua Joaca in open meadows, where a right right hand track  sweeps around and continues to descend across meadows to the forest, eventually taking you above farm meadows and   climbing  back into the trees at the 22km point.

6. Climb for 1km and then descend at speed for 3km, passing the initial track junction from the ride out, as you now simply follow the trail back towards the Curmatura hut  once more, where you’ll have earned cake and coffee. It’s your choice whether or not you stay in the hut or descend back to Magura.

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