Vittoria Corsa Control Road Tyre

Vittoria Corsa 4C Road Tyre

Vittoria Martello Enduro Tyre

Vittoria Pro Endurance Road Tyre

Vittoria Bomboloni MTB Tyre

Vittoria Barzo MTB Tyre

Vittoria Mezcal MTB Tyre

Vittoria Rubino Pro Control

Translate ‘Rubino’ from Italian and it comes out as ‘bright red gemstone. The Italian tyre gurus at Vittoria obviously hold their new graphene road tyre in high regard – and, it does indeed perform extremely well, like a little gem!

Pirelli P Zero Road Tyre

Pirelli is dedicated to making a wide range of high quality and technologically advanced tires, to meet the needs of the modern cycling community – and they have some heritage.