Gravel Vaucluse Cycling Route

VTOPO launched the gravel route guide at the end of last year for the Departement de Vaucluse, probably better known for its Provence region, renowned for the fields of lavender and the classic climbs of Mt Ventoux. It’s a paradise for road riding, mtb routes and is one of the first areas of France to have been developed for gravel riding.

Absolute Black double chainrings

Some riders swear by them, others aren’t so convinced. Oval chainrings can be a bit marmite, but are certainly here to stay, with Absolute Black dedicated to the cause.


L’Ardechoise 2019

The Ardéche is well known amongst those seeking to explore it’s spectacular gorges and relax by or explore its meandering rivers. Many are unaware that the region consists of high mountains too, further south, reaching over 1750m


Scott Cornish – Cyclist

Scott Cornish is a sports physio, writer, photographer and mountain bike guide, living in the French Alps. He’s also a too bike packer, and has a wealth of knowledge across multiple cycling disciplines

Tailfin pannier

Heart of France

If you’re looking for a spectacular cycling tour in northern France, then this is for you. A route from Mont St Michel to the heart of France and back.