Triada MTB – Paltinis – Traseul Lung – 2018

Transylvania is home toour editor, Larisa Chinces, who rides and races mountain bike in these beautiful mountains. With endless rugged trails through magical forests, Transylvania mountain biking will live with you forever and you’ll want to return time and time again.

A rolling Transylvania mountain biking route in the mountains above historic Sibiu, among beautiful forested hills at Paltinis.

This natural trail is taken from the 2018 Triada MTB Series, one of the very best in Romania, and it’s an awesome adventure along the beautiful and technical mountain biking trails that lie in the Carpathian mountains.

Cycling in Transylvania and Romania is a delight. There is so much history around you and the beautiful landscapes. Sibiu is at the heart of cycling in Transylvania, sitting beneath the Carpathian Mountains, it has some of the best road cycling and mountain biking in Romania, and indeed in Europe.

Paltinis MTB Routes

Distance & Ascent: 70 km & 3100 metres of climbing

Facilities: Limited at Paltinis, but ample in nearby historic Sibiu. Airbnb have a great selection of properties to choose from, all exceptional value. Choosing Sibiu as a cycling destination is something that you all should do, taking time to stay and to explore the medieval history of this beautiful city.


  1. Start near Paltinis near the tourist and ski area. Head into the forest trails and start some steady descending for 5 km, before the trail turns left and begins a long and winding climb to the 15 km point.
  2. Descend through the forest on excellent trails, before taking the track junction on the right, which eventually leaves the forest, weaving across the high meadows. Take the track to the left, which continues to climb, before an indistinct track comes off on the left and leads you to the summit (at 26.6km).
  3. Roll down through the forested hills, joining the Steaza River in the valley and turning left to follow its banks.
  4. The track then leaves the river as you continue climbing for 8 km, before the land drops you down to the ski lifts area at Arena Platos and the start.
  5. Time for  coffee and cake.
  6. Now head back into historic Sibiu and enjoy the evening 🙂

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