Brasov SW Hills Short Mountain Bike Route

Route Information

Stats: 28.6km and 995 metres climbing (Medium Route)

Refreshments & Where to Stay: Brasov is excellent for all of your needs, and you can book a great place to stay and enjoy the superb trails nearby. It’s a great short mountain bike route, taking in local hills, and you’re never far from villages.


This area is wild and beautiful, with natural rugged single and double track trails in the forests. The route is a short journey onto the hills around Brasov, with some good twisting fun trail riding.


1. This is a route into mountain forests, so you really do need to follow the gps file to stay safe. There are some technical sections and you need stay on course.

2. Climb out of Brasov, taking trails to the right of the DN1E road, towards the equestrian (riding) centre at Spiritul Calor. Then take the trail beneath Braniste as it skirts the edge of the trees.

3. You reach a small group of houses/ lodges at 13km, where the trail then thens left and flows towards the gravel road Strada Vanatorului and continues to the DN1E again.

4. Turn right and after only 300metres take the track on the left into the forests – Drumul Vechi Poienii. This twists and turns as it descends to the 19.4km point, eases off for a short distance, then climbing again steeply to the  22km point just below Stechil summit.

5. Turn down left here and descend all the back to Brasov for 5.5km.  Time now for cake and coffee.

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