Larisa at Black Sea with Red Chilli Bikes

The Romanian Black Sea resorts stretch for about 275 kilometers of coastline, along the Black Sea coast, from the Danube Delta at the northern end, down to the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in the south. I have missed the sea so much!! I love the feeling when I walk barefoot on the sand and swim in the wavy, salty water. It’s so very relaxing and refreshing for me – body and soul.

Mountain Bike Tour of Brucegi and Strunga – Romania

Romania and the area of Transylvania have some of the most beautiful forested areas and awesome mountains in Europe – if not the world. This two-day mountain bike trip takes in the mountain area of Brucegi and the Omu Peak, a famous Romanian summit.


Romania Bikecation Trips

With Larisa ChincesROMANIA
A land of myth & magic

Europe’s Beautiful, Last Wild Country – Romania

There is nowhere in Europe like Romania for such a wealth of culture, history, and undiscovered cycling and mountain biking opportunities. From the Carpathian Mountains and the vast network of trails, to the high passes such as the Transalpina, it offers everything, and is within the budgets of all cyclists.

With hot summers and expansive adventures to be had, what are you waiting for. Take a look at the bikecation locations and holiday guiding options, as we show you more of this beautiful European cycling nation. Why not read what our editor, Larisa says about cycling in her Romania, then take a trip and join her on the roads and trails.

The Best Roads & Wild Mountain Trails

Cycling in Romania is a delight. There are a lot of beautiful trails or roads in the mountains and in the forests. The nature is wild, and not modified by mankind. I live in the heart of Romania, Transylvanian region, in a small town named Sibiu. Read more