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Grantley Hall Cycling Routes

Cycling routes from Grantley Hall

Grantley Hall is based within some of the most spectacular and beautiful countryside in the U.K. and has a wealth of great cycling routes from the door. On both road and mountain bike, there is so much to explore and see.

We’ve put together a few routes for you to make the most of your day on the bike, with breathtaking scenery, lots of history and some useful stops for  cake too 😉

Larisa Chinces

Grantley to Greenhow Hill

A world class ride that takes in the famous Greenhow Hill and other classic steep Yorkshire road climbs in beautiful Nidderdale

Grantley and rolling lanes to Ripon

Ride the  quiet rolling lanes on the edges of the Dales, with a stop at Ripon to see the Cathedral  and Fountains Abbey

Grantley and the Vale

Ride along easy lanes that skirt the Vale of  York, through scenic villages to historic Boroughbridge before heading back

Grantley in the Dales

It’s time to head into the Yorkshire Dales National Park, on this ride that explores hidden gems to give you the most scenic of rides

Howardian Hills Introduction

Howardian Hills

Route Information

Stats:  65 miles and 2225 feet of ascent

OS Map:


Ripon has an excellent selection of cafes and car parks, so it’s good for a start and a finish. The Sun Parlour Cafe in the Spa Gardens is a favourite with cyclists. In terms of bike shops, we choose Moonglu Performance Cycles on Blossomgate; a great shop run by Neil Dunkley, with Mark ‘Bike’ Swindells as chief fettler. On route you can detour into Masham where there’s a great selection of halts and facilities.


An easy ride in to warm up then leads into the short, sharp climbs of the Howardian Hills, with some sweeping descents. Rolling lanes lead you back to Easingwold, before a flat warm down on the ride back to Ripon. A 100 km ride to enjoy on great country roads.


1. Start the route by Moonglu Performance Cycles on Blossomgate, heading onto Park Street for a left hand turn into Firby Lane passing the old hospital. Turn right at the bottom and head through the traffic lights at the next crossroads, in the dircetion of Boroughbridge.

2.Passing the Racecourse, a large bridge crosses the river, where the road then dog-legs and climbs gently. Cross the bridge and then take the turning right 400 yards on, signed towards ‘Newby Hall’. Pass through Skelton on Ure and onto Langthorpe. The lane passes under the A1M motorway, before a T junction at Langthorpe. Turn right at the junction, then take the first exit at Canal Roundabout, heading towards Helperby. Approximately 1/4 mile on a junction is taken to the right. This long and flat road allows for speed as you head into the Vale of York.

3. At Thornston Bridge turn right to Helperby, solling into Helperby where a T junction by a pub is signed left for Easingwold – turn left and cycle flat and fast across the Vale to Easingwold some 8 miles on.

4. At Easingwold (via Raskelf), a mini roundabout is reached. Go straight over the roundabout, taking ‘Mill Lane’ towards the village of Crayke. At Crayke, the medieval church is seen on the hill, and you will need to turn left at the junction, then climbing the hill through Crayke before descending towards Brandsby and the Howardian Hills ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. However, the lanes begin to gently climb now and you reach Brandsby mid-climb at the 25 mile point, leaving the village with a steep and long climb through trees on the B1368 towards Helmsley.

5. However, this is soon scaled and the road rolls down nicely to a sharp bend where a junction almost straight on is signed to ‘Hovingham 4 miles’. This winding tree lined road eventually descends via Coulton to historic Hovingham.

6. The scultured meadows of Hovingham Park and ornate pillars aside the road greet you as you enter the village. Take time for tea if the cafe or pub is open. Then it’s time to cycle onward, taking the B1257 towards Helmsley, as the lane twists and turns and gently climbs away from the village.

7. Two miles after leaving Hovingham, the hamlet of Stonegrave is reached. Turn left in Stonegrave, signed to ‘Cawton’ and ‘Gilling’ along the narrow isolated country lane, enjoying being relatively traffic free. Gilling is soon reached and it’s time for more Howardian Hills climbing.

8. At Gilling a junction and give way line is reached opposite ‘The Fairfax’ Inn. Turn left signed towards ‘York’, leaving the village on the B1363 and getting ready for some climbing. This long climb tops out near Coney Hill Farm, where a junction on the right is signed for the village of ‘Yearsley’. Take this turning to the right, climbing more gently, before turning right at the next junction and into the village of Yearsley.

9. Winding lanes in beautiful countryside now race you back down to Easingwold, where the Georgian Market Place offers a variety of places for a drink or something to eat. Once refreshed, leave Easingwold back to Helperby via Raskelf whare the ‘Purple Patridge Cafe’ is one of our favourite eating haunts.

10. Reverse the route back to Broughbridge, via Thornton Bridge, then taking Roecliffe Lane at Boroughbridge, towards Bishop Monkton. You’re back in the flatlands now and will be able to speed along to Bishop Monkton.

11. At Bishop Monkton turn right towards Ripon. Climb gently out of the village and on for a mile or so, where a junction to the right should be taken to ‘Littlethorpe’. Follow this narrow lane, under the old railway bridge, speeding up along this fast road lined with hedgerows and meadows, all the way back to Ripon. At the small church in Littlethorpe (on your right) turn right. This lane leads past the canal, with views across to the Racecourse, eventually joining a roundbout. Turn right at the first roundabout, then left at the very next, onto Boroughbridge Road, with the canal now to your left.

12. A short ride back into the centre completes your 100km ride into the Howardian Hills. Time then to pop back to Moonglu and look at bike stuff.

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Kirklington TdF Cycling Route

Kirklington TdF

Route Information

Stats:  31 miles and 1300 feet of ascent

OS Map:


Ripon has an excellent selection of cafes and car parks, so it’s good for a start and a finish. The Sun Parlour Cafe in the Spa Gardens is a favourite with cyclists. In terms of bike shops, we choose Moonglu Performance Cycles on Blossomgate; a great shop run by Neil Dunkley, with Mark ‘Bike’ Swindells as chief fettler. On route you can detour into Masham where there’s a great selection of halts and facilities.


This is another TdF related route, taking in some of the great lanes that surround this Cathedral City and the route of the Grand Depart. It rolls along with some great little climbs that then open into fast stretches to test your speed. Excellent views abound all along this route.


1. From the Market Square keep the town hall to your left and cycle along Westgate, turning right at the end onto Blossomgate, passing Moonglu Cycles.
2. At the mini roundabout go straight on and follow Kirkby Road out of town, passing the Army Camp which is fenced off to the left. This road winds its way along hedgerows and farmland towards Grewelthorpe where the first sight of moorland can be seen in the distance.

3. Approximately 4 miles along this road, a white washed gate lodge and entrance to a large estate house is seen to the left at Azerley, with a small red post box on a post at the side of the road. Twisting right, a barn conversion can be seen before a junction on the right is signed towards Mickley among other places. Take this turning onto the narrow lane which initially climbs before easing off.

4. Stay on this lane as it twists and turns towards North Stainley and West Tanfield, eventually reaching a T junction just after picturesque low farm buildings on the right (Friar’s Hurst on OS maps). Turn right signed West Tanfield and cycle downhill to the A6108 TdF road. Turn left and head towards West Tanfield.

5. At West Tanfield go straight ahead at the roundabout signposted towards Well. Climb the steep lane that eventually eases and rolls along, leading to a great descent of Well Bank into Well village around sharp bends both right and left – take care on these bends.

6. Junction right is signed ‘Carthorpe 4 miles’ by the Millbank Arms. This is Church lane and leads into Long Lane, a narrow flat country lane that passes farms and meadows on its way to better and wider roads. These are reached at a T junction with Moor Lane, and a left turn onto this exceptional cycling road – see image.

7. At the next junction turn right and head into the village of Carthorpe. At the staggered X roads turn right, signed towards Kirklington. This excellent lane is shaded by trees and hedgerows that frame a beautiful landscape made for cycling on these fast lanes.

8. At Kirklington a staggered junction is seen ahead. Take the right hand forked junction, turning towards Masham. However, at the time of writing the road signs had been turned around by local fools, so stick to these instructions regarding ‘right hand fork’. On reaching the B6267 follow signs to Masham and enjoy a wider road which rises and falls with subtle turns that allow for great cycling. The road passes by the X roads and road to Well which was earlier visited, continuing on towards Masham via Nosterfield.

9. This road eventually descends to a junction with the B6108 Tour de France route just before Masham. Turn left and follow the route of the Grand Depart via West Tanfield on into Ripon, living the dream of riding with the peloton.

Once you’re back in Ripon enjoy a brew and pop into Moonglu Cycles to share the experience with Neil and Mark, who showed me around these roads on Thursday evening rides and deserve the praise for a great route.

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Ripon and Markington Cycling Route

Ripon & Markington Loop

Route Information

Stats:  20km and flat and rolling

OS Map:


Ample facilities and refreshments at Ripon. Morrison’s itself has a very nice little cafe. The Sun Parlour Cafe at the Spa Gardens is a favourite haunt of cyclists.


This is a simple but lovely ride taking in the rural delights of roads around Markington village and the world famous Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Deer Park. A good climb to start off with is soon rewarded with a cracking descent. Twisting lanes will guide you around this delightful route.

It is as the name suggests a 20km loop starting and finishing in Ripon.

Well worth a visit to the National Trust ‘World Heritage Site’ at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal.


1. Start at Morrisons car park on Harrogate Road, Ripon. Morrisons has a cafe which can be used for a brew and stock up on hydration and bits to eat on the way round.

2. At the traffic lights turn left and continue on to the roundabout. Straight over and continue along the A61.

3. Cascade Aquatic Centre and nursery on your right. There is a cafe here if required.

4. At the bottom of Wormald Green hill turn right across traffic on Markington Lane. Through the village of Markington with the rather splendid Markington Hall on your right. At the end of the village turn right onto Western Lane.

5. At the end of Western Lane turn right and continue on towards Fountain Hall. You’ll notice the rather odd looking folly on the hill on the left. Worth a photo opportunity.

6. You then drop down the hill towards Fountains Hall with stunning views across the valley. Get ready for a drop in gears for the incline on the other side.

7. Pass the outskirts of Aldfield and meet the A6265. Turn right back towards Ripon. This a fast stretch of road which demands you turn the speed up.

8. Back into the City of Ripon, right at the mini roundabout, right at the traffic lights and back along Harrogate Road to Morrisons. Job done. Well done and I hope you’ve had a nice day out.

You can if you want to make your way into the Fountains Abbey visitor centre at point 6. Having started the climb you’ll see an entrance on your right. Take this and follow the good lane along to the visitor centre on the right. The centre has a cafe and entrance point into the deer park and Fountains Abbey.

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Ripon and Roecliffe Moor

Ripon & Roecliffe Moor

Route Information

Stats:  21 miles and 465 feet of ascent

OS Map:


Ripon has an excellent selection of cafes and car parks, so it’s good for a start and a finish. The Sun Parlour Cafe in the Spa Gardens is a favourite with cyclists. In terms of bike shops, we choose Moonglu Performance Cycles on Blossomgate; a great shop run by Neil Dunkley, with Mark ‘Bike’ Swindells as chief fettler.

On route you can pop onto the High Street at Boroughbridge or nip into the visitor centre at Newby Hall, where a little detour will take you to an excellent place to stop off with the family.


Great ride from Ripon, taking in some excellent lanes around Roecliffe Moor and the villages either side of the River Ure. If you ride this with the family, you can stop off at Newby Hall for a short visit and taste the cakes at their cafe and restaurant. The lanes are reasonably flat, providing a safe location to get out with the kids.


1. From the Market Place head past the Town Hall and onto Westgate, then turning left onto Park Street. Turn left onto Firby lane by Calverts Carpets and left again at the bottom of the hill. Go straight on through the lights and straight over the next roundabout, joining Bondgate Green towards Boroughbridge.

Starting this way you can also start the ride from Moonglu Cycles Shop at Blossomgate.

2. Pass the canal on the right as you ride along Bondgate Green and approach the bypass roundabout. Go straight ahead, passing the canal lock and racecourse before twisting left over the large bridge. The road bends sharp right, climbing steadily before bending back left. A junction right is taken to Skelton on Ure. This narrow lane is an easy ride alongside rolling countryside, with the Newby Hall farms and estate off to the right.

3. At Skelton on Ure take the junction left towards Langthorpe and Boroughbridge, passing through Langthorpe and under the A1M flyover. At the junction of the Kirby Hill Road turn right towards Boroughbridge and Canal Roundabout. Take the second exit, riding over the River Ure once more, continuing along and eventually passing Boroughbridge High School to the left before approaching the large roundabout by Morrisons Supermarket.

4. Take the second exit off the roundabout and ride over the A1M towards Minskip. Ride through this linear village before turning off right at the far end of the main street, signposted to Staveley. The road winds its way along to Staveley where you turn right, passing the church before turning right on Wath lane towards the hamlet of Copgrove. As you approach the small residential lane off to the right, the lane bends left and soon crosses a small bridge with views to Copgrove Hall to your right. A quarter mile further on a junction right is signed Bishop Monkton and Ripon – take this.

5. This lane is initially covered by overhanging trees, before opening up to hedgerows and rolling fields as it climbs steadily. Descending to Bishop Monkton, pass though this village and under the old railway bridge before taking the next junction on the right signed to Littlethorpe.

6. Race along this narrow flat lane, passing under the old railway once more before twisting left and on into Littlethorpe. Winding through this village on a twisting road, a junction is reached (T junction). Ignore the sign left to Ripon; instead take the turning right signed to Boroughbridge and onto Littlethorpe Road. This eventually brings you out at the bypass roundabout where a right turn leads to another roundabout and a left turn back onto Bondgate Green.

7. Now head back into town for a rest and a brew.

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Ripon and Easingwold Cycle Route

Ripon & Easingwold Cycle Route

Route Information

Stats:  39 miles and 895 feet of ascent

OS Map:


Three very good opportunities exist along this route, at Raskelf and at Easingwold (see map) on the way out, and at Helperby on the way home. Once back at Ripon, there is a wealth of cafes to take a pick from. Pop into Moonglu Performance Cycles whilst in Ripon, and chew the cud with Neil and Mark.


Fast, flat, with lots of long straights for you to crank it up along! This route will allow you to stretch it out and test your pace, or have a relatively easy ride out with the family – the choice is all yours.


1. Head out of Ripon Market Place down Kirkgate, ignoring Duck Hill and taking the opportunity to pass by the front of England’s oldest Cathedral.

2. Turn right down Bedern Bank, then left at the roundabout, along Boroughbridge Road. Cross straight over the large roundabout at the Ripon Bypass, cycling past the Racecourse and over the bridge that crosses the river Ure.

3. An easy climb leads in a few hundred yards to a junction on the right signed to Skelton on Ure and Newby Hall. Take this winding lane and cycle all the way to Langthorpe near Boroughbridge.

4. At the T junction with the B6265 at Langthorpe, turn right and cycle the few hundred yards to Canal Roundabout, turning left at ‘The Grantham Arms Hotel’ and heading toward Helperby. A quarter of a mile further along, take the junction right signed to Helperby. The road is now flat and fast, allowing you to speed along to this super little Georgian village. This roads twists and turns towards the end, before meeting a junction at Thornton Bridge. Turn right and head into Helperby, then turning left at the junction in the village, opposite ‘The Oak Tree’, heading along the super flat and super straight road that takes you to Raskelf.

5. On route take on the short climb over the East Coast main line before heading into Raskelf. On reaching Raskelf, the road twists left and right, then on towards Easingwold, crossing the A19 Easingwold bypass. Raskelf Road meets a mini roundabout at Easingwold – turn right and head into Easingwold and the wonderful little market place, where a selection of cafes abound. We’ve chosen the ‘Sugar Mouse’ cafe, with its excellent cake!

6. Once refreshed, get back on the bike and reverse the route, turning left at the mini roundabout onto the Raskelf Road, then taking the second turning left, signed ‘Alne’ onto the National Cycle Route ’65’. This cracking lane crosses over the A19, before turning sharply right and continuing along ‘Crankley Lane’ to Alne. At Alne, turn off left, signed ‘Aldwark’, staying on the National Cycle Route ’65’ until the crossroads, then turning right towards Helperby. This long flat line rolls gently through delightful countryside all the way back to Helperby.

7. Once back into Helperby, follow the road signed for Boroughbridge, turning left at the Oaktree and back over Thornton Bridge. However, this time you need to ignore the turning to Boroughbridge and keep on the road towards Asenby, heading through Cundall and climbing gently on to Asenby itself.

8. At Asenby and a convoluted junction by the A19 and the Crab & Lobster, head straight over the Topcliffe Road and cycle along the narrow lane signed to ‘Baldersby St James’ , then turning left towards Rainton just after the Nursery Garden holiday park. Follow this lane as it enters Rainton, passing ‘The lamb Inn’ before turning left at the small village green, signed to ‘Dishforth’. This narrow country lane is flat and fast, with a short kick to it as it joins a mini roundabout by the A168. Turn right here and head onto Sharow Lane.

9. The initial climb is soon rewarded, as this narrow twisting lane eventually speeds you back to Ripon, crossing the bypass and North Bridge before finishing in the Market Place.

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Ripon and Bedale Cycle Route

Ripon & Bedale Cycle Route

Route Information

Stats:  31 miles and 1300 feet of ascent

OS Map:


Both Bedale and Ripon offer some good cafes and places to have a bite to eat. Parking is easy and the roads are excellent.


For a variety of reasons, not least of which is to give the guys north of Ripon a good ride out, we’re starting this route from Bedale. However, it’s up to you; just make sure that you read the directions from the right reference number for your own starting point.

From Bedale, the road climbs, but not too significantly. It’s all in proportion, as this is a flattish ride. From Masham, you join the Tour de France route and roll along the excellent road all the way to Ripon. Then it’s a ride along quiet country lanes that offer speedy sections all the way back to Bedale.


1. Climb out of Bedale on the B6268 towards Masham. The initial climbing is not too demanding but is soon rewarded with a good stretch of downhill roading.

2. This road eventually meets a junction with the B6267, just to the east of Masham. Turn right towards Masham and swoop down to the junction with the A6108 Tour de France route.

3. Now dream of riding with the Peloton all the way into Ripon, swooping down into West Tanfield on route, taking care on the descent, which turns sharply left into the village.

4. At the mini roundabout at West Tanfield, turn right towards Ripon, passing through North Stainley. Take some time to view the great statue of a Deer, created by the village locals from bike parts.

5. At the clock tower junction at Ripon, turn right and head into the centre for a brew if you need a refreshment. Oliver’s Pantry is a great cafe, and you can keep the bike in sight, in the yard of the cafe.

6. On leaving Ripon, take the opportunity to ride past the oldest Cathedral in England, riding from the Market Place, down Kirkgate. Turn right onto Bedern Bank, and at the bottom of the short hill, turn right at the roundabout.

7. At the traffic lights turn right and climb High Skellgate up to the centre again, then turning left at the next lights onto Westgate. At the next junction turn right onto Blossomgate, passing ‘Moonglu Performance Cycles’. Keeping straight on, this road joins Kirkby Road, which is climbed out of Ripon in the direction of Kirkby Malzeard.

8. Open country with neat hedgerows brings a steady climb. This eases off, with a fenced military training area to your left, and the road begins to twist steadily down. A short distance later the road bends sharply left, with a narrow junction on the apex of the bend, on the right. Take this road signed for ‘Mickley’. An initial climb soon eases and a narrow tree lined lane twists its way to a T junction. Turn right.

9. This narrow lane, Nusterfield Lane, leads in turn to another small junction, where you again turn right and head down to the A6108 again. On reaching the junction with the A6108 turn left towards West Tanfield and ride over the bridge to the mini roundabout by the Bruce Arms.

10. At the roundabout go straight on towards Bedale and Well, climbing steeply out of the village. At the next crossroads turn right onto the B6267 for a short distance, passing through Nosterfield before turning left towards Carthorpe after the quarry works and ponds.

11. This excellent flat road allows you to open things up as you ride through Carthorpe and Burneston all the way back to Bedale.

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