The Best Bike Shops – Paceline

Opened in 2016 by cycling enthusiast Mark Hanson, in a short timeframe Paceline cycles has become one of the ‘go to’ locations for Yorkshire based riders, looking for exceptional service and some of the very best custom bike builds available in the U.K. retail scene.

Larisa Chinces Studley Royal

Lake Shoes CX176

We ladies want to look good no matter the circumstances and that means that when we are at work, at school, at a date, or even doing sport or other kind of activities we want to look pretty and feel good – and we love shoes 😉

Lake Shoes & Christian Van Asten

Leading one of the top footwear brands in the industry, Christian values the consumer highly, and so takes time to travel all over the globe visiting shops and consumers


Cycle Shoe Survey

Cycle Shoe Survey

We’re interested in the cycling shoes that you currently use. After all, the feet are always attached the bike and are an integral part of cycling, so they need to be looked after.

Please complete the survey below for each pair of cycling shoes that you own. Thank you for helping us to understand your feet better 😉

Lake cx 176 road cycling shoes

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