Sibiu and Transgarafasan Highway

I’ve cycled this route now several times, raced up it and sped down it. I’ve spent time in these mountains and they hold my heart, with their beauty. I know that you’ll love this road too – so lets go and climb it!

Ladies cycling jersey

Larisa Refined Roadwear Gallery

Refined Roadwear & Larisa

Larisa tested this stylish high end brand in Romania and also produced some great images.

We realise that performance and style are both important to cyclists, especially to the ladies!

Cycling around Lake Tisza

After the Balaton Tour in Hungary from 2 weeks ago, the organizer, Tamas Takács from ‘Ride Hard’, invited me to spend a lovely weekend at Lake Tisza. How could I say no! Flights were quickly arranged and off I set, flying via Vienna to Budapest.