Tre Cime di Lavaredo Cycle Route

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a short but beautiful Italian road cycling route and is ideal for a cycling holiday in Italy

Colle del Nivolet Cycle Route

The Colle del Nivolet is a great Italian road cycling route and is ideal for a cycling holiday in Italy, with lots of great places to stay, and a great selection of Italian road cycling routes into the mountains to chose from nearby.

Great St Bernard Pass Cycle Route

The Great St Bernard Pass, known in Italy as the Colle del Gran San Bernardo is a cycling route that looks a every inch a classic cycling route, linking Italy with Switzerland

Timmelsjoch Cycle Route

The Timmelsjoch (Passo del Rombo) is an iconic road cycling route in Italy, and one of the most beautiful of Italian cycling routes. The road twists its way to the summit

Livigno Pass Cycle Route

The Livigno Pass is one of the highest paved roads in Europe and it connects the Bernina Pass in Switzerland with Livigno in Italy.

Colle Della Fauniera Cycle Route

The Colle Fauniera is a mountain pass in the Cottian Alps, Piedmont, northern Italy, located at 2,480+ m elevation. It’s one of the roughest of road surfaces, but still one of the greatest of Italian road cycling climbs

Great Climbs – Church Bank

As a cycling venue Yorkshire is hard to beat; whilst it may not have the endlessly long climbs of the Alps and elsewhere, it does have a plethora of savagely steep climbs

Garvia Pass Cycling Route

Gavia Pass and Mortirolo Pass

Both the Gavia and the Mortirolo Passes are full of history and pain, being well known within the Giro. Yes, this is a tough ride, but it will reward you with epic views

Stelvio Pass cycling Route

Stelvio Pass Cycle Route

There are some road cycling routes that are simply iconic. You only need to see an image of this amazing road to understand why the Stelvio Pass is one such Italian road cycling legend.

Italian Dolomites – Corvara

A classic ride out on this sportive based route. The official route starts in Corvara, taking on Passos Campolongo, Pordoi, Sella and Gardena, returning to Corvara, a second ascent of the Campolongo, on to Passo Giau.


Italian Road Cycling and Mountain Biking Routes

Take a look at our selection of road cycling and mountain biking routes in Italy, including the cycling routes across the great Italian mountain passes, all with a selection of accommodation to choose from nearby

Italian Passes Cycling Routes

With some of the most beautiful mountain areas in the world, we think that it’s time to visit Italy and to cycle some Of the best road cycling routes in Italy, cycling the Italian passes. Cycling in the Italian mountains, especially cycling in the Dolomites, is a fantastic experience

Romania Road Cycling Routes

A land of myth and legend, of beautiful countryside, enchanting villages, and historic castles – Romania is all of this and more. Cycling in Transylvania is transfixing, with epic mountain roads and scenic Saxon villages, cycling in Transylvania has so much to offer riders seeking a unique and magical cycling tour