Red Chilli and Hot Pirelli Tyres

It’s autumn and soon it will be winter. We have some sunny days, during which we can still enjoy riding in shorts, but soon it will get really cold – chilli  😉

When the temperatures do drop lower and the wet and rainy weather will be most likely, it won’t be possible to cycle outside for a while. The snow will come and for safety and for the cold, we’ll have time retreat and to cycle indoors or ski 🙂 – not so bad I guess 😉 .

Red Chilli WR1 – Sitting Comfortably

Ok, now that I got your attention, we can continue with some technical aspects about my bike:

There are two really important parts to my RedChilli WR1 bike; firstly, the carbon pedals by Shimano, as they fasten to my feet and prove superb power transfer and stability when riding. Then, it’s obviously my saddle…

Geared Up For Summer with Red Chilli Bikes

It’s 3 months now since I started riding my RedChilli and it’s a huge difference. Having been riding a double chainring and 10 speed setup for years, I’m now on a compact 11 speed. Best of all, I have a 30 at the back too, meaning that I can spin on the hills – and yes, we have lots of hills here in Transylvania and Romania.

Red Chilli WR1 – Fine Tuning for Fine Riding

It’s been a month since Larisa took to the roads on her Red Chilli WR1 road bike. Time to get to know the bike, make finaladjustments and start to really enjoy things 🙂

Hardtail Heaven

Yes, trails and hills are beginning to look like a retro wonderland as the good old hardtail is back in fashion. You can now drink alongside Homer Simpson with pride as you discuss the merits of a loose and bouncy backend

Build Your Road Bike 5

Time to finish off the perfect bike build and get ready to ride the Bianchi. Setting up the bike and taping the bars

26 mtb wheel

Let’s take a look at wheel sizes and try to convince you to let common sense and your riding style take over, by simply choosing the wheel that suits you and not the one that marketing wants you to ride. 

Build Your Road Bike 1

Time to get the Bianchi frame set onto the Feedback stand and make it look like a bike. Fitting the internal cables can be trick, but we show you how

The Advent of the E-Bike

Firstly, video did not kill the radio star – Steve Wright is living proof of the longevity of that format. Secondly, the Kindle did not kill off the book, and finally, and the reason for this blog – the E-bike will not kill off good old fashioned cycling.

Guy TV

Guy Kesteven Live Reviews

This new area of our website links to our close friend Guy Kesteven. Guy has been testing more bikes and components than anyone else for the past 21 years. Now he’s using all that experience, insight and passion to create totally independent live ride reviews plus tech, route and Q&A features. Guy is the nicest and most knowledgeable ‘guy’ (lol) that we know, and he says that: ” It’d be awesome to have you along for the ride.”

There’s no better way to see how a bike review appeals to you, than seeing it in action, and Guy is the best person we know – and he makes excellent tea too!

We’ve got a couple of great videos from Guy to get you started, with a  link to his YouTube channel too. And, as we progress, we’ll be adding some unique Pedalnorth videos with this awesome Yorkshire rider.

There’s a link to the new Guy TV channel at Patreon, where you can sign up for even more detailed and technical reviews from this fun-loving encyclopedia of cycling technicalities. So tune in and enjoy the ride!