DS Pro Floral Bliss Skinsuit

It’s time to look at skinsuits, with the new Floral Bliss design by ladies only brand, DS Pro. This high end performance brand from Florida design kit that makes you look as good as you feel. Read Nadezhda’s thoughts on this body hugging cycling suit.

DS Pro Floweral Outlines One Piece Suit

Cyclists wants to look stylish and to be confident while riding, and DS PRO has really captured this into their selection of outfits. And, as women we want and deserve to be stylish. Having examined the new DS Pro Floweral Outlines one-piece TriSuit when it arrived, it was soon time to actually put it on and get out riding into the French Maritime Alps.

Designed for Cycling Unicorn Ladies Kit

Feel truly feminine and stylish with this modern performance cycling for ladies from DS Pro

Missing A Workout

Pedalnorth.com triathlon editor and independent tri coach Nadezhda Pavlova is an inspiring and talented athlete, bringing a sense of simplicity and fun to training. In this article, Nadezhda talks about missing a training session and advises you on the best way to address your schedule gap.

Designed for Cycling Triathlon One Piece Suit

DS Pro make stylish performance sportswear for ladies who like to be chic and stylish when active. Their latest range includes this colorful one piece triathlon suit for spring and summer. Triathletes are noted for their tough nature and mental strenth; now they can been noted for their style too 🙂

Nadezhda Pavlova

Designed For Cycling – Cosmic Girl Kit

Style meets performance yet again, with this amazing kit from DS Pro, making your triathlon life just a little bit more chic. This ladies specific cycle clothing brand have you covered… literally 😉

Rosti One Piece Tri Suit for Ladies

Rosti One Piece Tri Suit for Ladies

Luciana Prados is our Brazilian triathlete and writer; she’s been busy testing this stylish one piece time trial and tri cycling kit from Italian brand, Rosti.

Triathletes are warriors, we are strong, but we are vain as well. We like style if we’re to give our best – we want to also look our best!

Our strength, dedication and organization start from the choice of each product, every clothing and accessory! It’s all very carefully chosen, as we’re going to have to work hard, so the fit and the feel is absolutely critical. During the training we test everything we will use on the day of the race, and we will choose what we like the most, which makes us more comfortable and efficient. This is very important not to have problems during the race. Testing Rosti has been a joy, as it feels just right.

The pattern influences the design of the body and I loved it, the light and firm fabric made me comfortable and confident, another quality is to dry quickly after getting out of the swim and moving to the bike. The cut of the one piece suit is excellent, with superb multi-panelling cuts, skilfully sewn together to ensure the garment fits and clings to the body. After all, it has to fit under a wet-suit, and rubbing is out of the question.

The material used is strong and stretchy, adding to the fit, and making me feel cool and confident…and stylish. The pad was excellent and more than adequate on the bike, and didn’t feel awkward in the other two disciplines either. I really loved this great design from Italy, and I’m pretty sure that my Rosti kit is perfect for my upcoming triathlon tests too . I’m sure of my best choice – Rosti